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Dental Hygiene

cleaningRegular cleanings and thorough exams are a must for preventing gum disease, infections, and other very serious problems that can result from poor dental health (strokes, heart disease, etc.). Here are just some of the many benefits that result from maintaining good oral hygiene:

No Out-Of-Pocket Cleaning Costs

Insurance companies recognize that covering the majority of their subscribers’ cleaning costs help them prevent more serious and possibly costly problems in the future. For this reason, most dental plans cover two yearly cleaning appointments.

Halitosis Prevention

Regularly occurring foul breath is often the result of plaque and bacteria buildup in the gums, teeth and mouth. Professional cleanings nip these problems in the bud.

Tooth Loss Prevention

When left untreated, a cavity can sometimes become so severe that the only way to fix the damage is by replacing the tooth. With regular visits, dentists can detect these problems early and deal with them before severe damage is imminent.

Oral Cancer Screening & Prevention

Oral cancer is an extremely serious, but highly treatable problem with early diagnosis. At Dental Care Springfield, we give all patients an oral cancer screening during their professional cleaning treatment. We know to be smart now in the interest of preventing issues later.

Maintaining A Brilliant, Healthy Smile

No one wants stained teeth, but it can happen as the result of eating and drinking certain products that can be difficult to avoid. Regular, professional cleaning is the most sure fire way to combat discoloration and keep a smile that’s healthy and white.

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